I've finally settled on a name. After being called a number of variations on "The Future", I finally landed on something less...boring. The emphasis here, of course, is on the "digital" aspect of the word, which, depending on your point of view, means "the act or condition of interlocking" or "hand-holding".

This is a blog about how the future is constantly punching through the ancient trappings of human society, changing the way we do business, raise families, communicate with each other, eat, etc. etc.

I originally wrote six essays about what I considered to be the most important trends coming down the pipe. I thought they were leading edge when I wrote them (middle of last year), but now they're largely considered common knowledge. Such is the future, I guess.

Right now one of my big projects is the analysis of a text corpus comprising of my Gmail chat logs. I'm hoping it'll show something about the relationship between language and technology.