Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Have You Tried Turning Your Party Off and then On Again?

Short post with free advice for Reince Priebus: Abort the mission. Just give up on 2016. It's best for everyone: your party, your adversaries, and most American voters.

Shorten the convention to one day, and let Trump get the nomination, assuming he's won it outright. Don't wince when he nominates some dumbass as his VP. Don't fund ANYTHING to do with his campaign, and be clear to your rank-and-file operatives that his tenure is the remainder of the 2016 Election season and no further. No one who sucks up to him will be accepted by the party upon his general election loss. You'll be subjecting Chris Christie to a bitter primary, for example.

Go back to drawing board: get together the smartest (read: not TV personalities) people in the party and figure out what platform planks have to stay and which have to go in order to preserve an electorate. It may be that gun control obstructionism and climate change denial are not actually that important. Find out what makes likely Republican voters excited to go to their polling places, and make that happen. Cut the rest. Literally, recommend that candidates not talk about issues that are not part of the platform, if they can avoid it.

Appoint Merrick Garland now. You're not getting a better offer.

People are saying that Obama-blocking, as the party's primary strategy, created the Trumpocalypse. Perhaps this is so, perhaps this is not. Either way, it's now your mess. It would be wise to clean it up, to ensure there's something left of the party in the future.

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