Saturday, November 2, 2013

Meta Stuff and Story Time

So, I've been a little lax in the posting department recently, by which I mean I took an unscheduled, unplanned, and unannounced one year hiatus. This is largely due to the fact that my employment situation changed drastically in November of last year and by past February, I changed most of the circumstances of my life. My family remains the same, which pretty awesome, of course, but I no longer take freelance writing jobs. I moved from Phoenix to Portland, and I'm now doing computational linguistics work full time, which has been treating me rather well.

I remain interested in the questions I've been exploring in this blog, and I've been undertaking, very slowly, a fiction project based on a number of the ideas from here and from Dispatches From the Future. I have two short stories and am working on another and a novella or a full sized novel. I plan to serialize at least some of that content here, as well as write some content similar to my last two posts: short, observational material as well as longer, futurism-related stuff.

A short list of the types of things I intend to post in the near future:

  • A brief survey of the state of modern online political discourse, especially vis-a-vis the rise of perhaps intentionally deceptive tactics in "satire" and community infiltration.
  • Prediction pieces on religion, American politics, and social media.
  • Perhaps a humor piece on social media.
  • Story one: The tale of a young woman who finds her professional life at the mercy of her ability to play a smartphone game.
  • Story two: The adventures of a professional athlete and internet celebrity whose popularity and livelihood are threatened by an unruly online mob.
  • Parts of the upcoming novel and/or novella. Will take place in a near-future setting in a collaborativist community.