Monday, December 27, 2010

As the Sands of the Hourglass...

This is a nice graph showing where people came into and went out of my Gmail chat life. That gray line is the first day I used the service, which as you'll not is NOT in the middle of 2006 (tee hee, previous post. tee hee.)

Personally, I think this is an incredibly telling graph. It's taking, again, my top nine gchat buddies and showing how the volume of our interaction changes. For example, KRS shows a very solid line at the beginning, showing frequent interaction at the beginning of this period, but tapers off. RPM starts off as a very casual gchat friend, but gains in intensity near the end. CRS is an interesting latecomer; she's my wife. She was given a Gmail account by ASU when she was accepted to the doctoral program, and I switched her personal email over to Gmail as well. We didn't start chatting until we were essentially engaged.

You'll note that she still makes it into my top nine. This is because of the size of those early chats. Unfortunately, this graph is not weighted; you get one dot every day we converse, no matter how long or short. I'm still learning R, and am trying to find out exactly how one goes about changing plotting colors according to the values of a variable. (Rather, I know how to do this for larger symbols, but not for dots).

A note on the three-letter codes. In the interest of privacy, they are generally not the current complete initials of the person listed. However, in order to make it readable for me, they are pretty close. If you're listed here, and you want me to change the initials to protect your privacy on the internet, please let me know. I'm not Mark Zuckerberg, you know.

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